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Can Time Track Software Determine Employee Attendance and Performance?

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Time Track Software:
It’s a sad reality but sometimes your company needs to cut back. That could mean terminating or demoting an employee’s status as a result of under-performance or attendance issues. And, as is the case with all difficult management decisions, this can be tricky deciding who should take the brunt of it. Well, if you’re using time track software some of your stress will dissipate.

Time clocks with fingerprint reader software will make sure that every employee is clocking in themselves, not covering for a late friend for the sake of camaraderie. You will achieve accurate results for each employee’s timesheets and can then determine who’s falling behind. The finger scanner is used as verification for each clock-in. As with any other attendance system, this time track software will track the hours your employees put in per week so when you check it you have a stronger idea who’s doing their share and who’s cutting out early.

Then comes the part when you have to speak with said employee. Depending on how well that goes and if you think the employee will seek corporate revenge, you may want to consider a fingerprint door lock for security.