IT service provider company in Ghana

Who we are:

We are a mixed of experienced certified professionals, People you rely on for all your business IT needs from project inception through completion. Since conception we have and continue to strategically position ourselves to identify the IT needs of our clients and provide solutions with our wide spectrum of services

Our Philosophy:

Practical evidence has proven that the advent of modern IT and its benefits over the past few years have had substantial effects on the productivity levels of businesses. A number of studies and analysis have proven that enterprises that use advanced forms of IT have on average, a higher labor productivity, growth rate and profit margins. Effectively, our business is to ensure that your business maximizes its productivity and profitability with the help of IT. It is our effort to offer you consultation services and ideal tech solutions tailored to fit your business needs at competitive prices.


We envision a world where Small, Medium Enterprises (SME’s) can match up to their large scale counterparts in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, service efficiency and skill intensity, as a result of the strategic adoption and use of IT.


We are on a mission to bring years of dedicated learning and experience in the use of latest IT to ensure that your business IT needs are identified, anticipated and met. We are here to ensure that IT is an asset to you and not a liability.

Our Features:

  • We commit to your business success.
  • We increase productivity.
  • We are one stop shop for all your technology needs.
  • Our products are cost effective and reliable.
  • We are mixed of certified and experience engineers.
  • We ensure up-time connectivity and service availability.
  • We provided 24/7 on-demand customer support.
  • We are professional in all our business processes.

Customers Voice:

Finding SiteLock after searching the internet has been a winning move for my website. I could sense immediately that this company was knowledgeable in website protection. They care about all my concerns related to protecting my international clients. No one in the world wants to log in to a site they suspect is malicious. SiteLock has been vigilant about scanning for cross-scripting vulnerabilities and corrects them within a day. I rest assured that my site is protected from hackers and viruses for years to come.

Techfonet workforce management solutions enhance the bottom-line value of our customers’ time & attendance operations. Customer relationships are developed and nurtured by our sales, technical support team, engineers, customer service, and research & development experts.