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Mobile signal boosters
Mobile signal boosters
Mobile signal boosters

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Boosting mobile signal boosters into a quarry / open pit mine.

  • Location: N.Ireland
  • Client: Quarry owner Paul.
  • Requirement: Boost mobile signal into quarry for all the miners.

The quarry consisted of a large pit in the ground, 300 meters deep and 800 meters across. Before the Bigboost system was installed, there was no signal in this location, and nobody could make phone calls.

Mobile signal boosters for all Network operators was very good on the rim of the pit (see image below) and so it was decided to install the BigBoost here.

How mobile signal boosters work

The Bigboost receives the mobile signal at the top of the quarry. It can receive a very weak signal that even your phone cannot receive.

It then amplifies this signal and sends it out over a very large distance (1 KM).  All mobile phones within this distance can now communicate with this amplified signal.

The signal even penetrates buildings and vehicles within the area .


The Bigboost system was installed and commissioned successfully by Stelladoradus. Coverage was achieved in up to 80% of the mine area. Only locations that were occluded by a large building were still without signal.

Paul (owner) was entirely satisfied with the result and decided to go ahead with the installation of another quarry nearby (new case study on the way)

Watch the video below of the StellaDoradus team doing tests on the site.

mobile signal boosters

Installing the BigBoost mobile signal boosters system. Location: Kola Beach Resort, Mambrui, Malindi, Kenya. Preconditions: There are 3 local mobile operators in Kenya: Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom Kenya. The mobile signal from these