Managed Infrastructure

Techfonet is a leading provider of Managed Infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a broad portfolio that includes firewall and security appliance management, virtualization services, server and operating system services, backup expertise, and more, Techfonet is able to work as your partner in infrastructure management and create a custom solution that fits the specific needs of your organization.


Keeping critical business data secure and protected is the top priority of any IT organization.


Reduce costs, gain agility, and enhance productivity with Managed Virtualization Services from Techfonet.


Techfonet Managed Network Services and provide critical connectivity technology that your business needs.

Backup & Recovery

Techfonet delivers proven and tested managed backup and recovery solutions that your business can trust to mitigate risk and safeguard critical resources.

Servers and OS

Save time and reduce risk with Managed Server and OS Solutions from Techfonet.


Keeping critical business data secure and protected is the top priority of any IT organization. Don’t do it alone- Techfonet’s team of Managed Infrastructure experts stand ready to guard your most vital systems, networks, and resources.

Techfonet Managed Firewall Service provides crucial defense for your IT systems, with firewall and security appliance management, threat and vulnerability detection, web filtering, and more.

Techfonet Managed Firewall Service Benefits

  • Expert Security Management- Techfonet augments your IT organization with a team of experienced and dedicated security experts, keeping watch so you can focus on running your business
  • Best of Breed Technology- Techfonet deploys and manages leading business-class firewalls and security appliances for the highest levels of protection for your critical systems
  • 24×7 Support- Techfonet keeps watch around-the-clock, so you can rest easy knowing that help is available at any time
  • Threat Assessment and Monitoring- The threat map facing businesses is constantly evolving. Techfonet keeps you protected with proactive monitoring and industry-leading safeguards for data protection

Techfonet Managed Firewall Features

  • Unlimited hardware maintenance and replacement
  • Remote configuration and troubleshooting
  • Gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Premium content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Integrated wireless access
  • SSL VPN access and management
  • Configuration backup and restoration
  • Real-time reporting on network activity


Reduce costs, gain agility, and enhance productivity with Managed Virtualization Services from Techfonet.

Techfonet’s team of virtualization experts can help your organization achieve its infrastructure modernization goals, consolidating servers, increasing utilization, and delivering highly-responsive service for end-users.

As a VMware Enterprise Partner, Techfonet has the deep knowledge and robust technology platforms your company needs to accelerate IT operations.

Techfonet Managed Virtualization Services Benefits

  • Reduce Costs, Increase Utilization- Techfonet Managed Virtualization Services can help your business consolidate hardware, streamline workloads, and deliver new levels of service to end-users
  • Trusted VMware Technology- Techfonet is a VMware Enterprise Partner, and our staff has deep expertise in virtualization technology that can be leveraged to help your organization achieve its goals
  • Flexible and Responsive Infrastructure- With the power of VMware virtualization technology, leave rigid hardware deployments behind and discover a new era of dynamic infrastructure flexible enough to meet changing demands- all managed by the Techfonet team of helpful experts

Techfonet Managed Virtualization Services Features

  • VMware certified virtualization solutions
  • Server consolidation and utilization improvement management
  • Single point Virtual Infrastructure control
  • Virtualized Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions
  • Automation and performance controls
  • Remote and branch office solutions
  • Secure mobile computing
  • Flexible workstation solutions


Techfonet Managed Network Services provides the critical connectivity technology your business needs. From managing equipment such as routers and switches to designing and deploying enterprise-class networks, Techfonet has the expertise and experience to help your organization achieve its networking performance goals.

Whether it’s managing Virtual Private Network (VPN) deployments or engineering modern and responsive WAN/LAN solutions, Techfonet is ready to help accelerate your network infrastructure for the Cloud era.

With around-the-clock monitoring from Techfonet’s 24×7 operations team, rest assured that your network infrastructure is delivering maximum availability, performance reliability, and data security for your business.

Techfonet Managed Network Services Benefits

  • Achieve New Levels of Reliability and Performance- Techfonet provides your organization with best-in-breed networking technology and the unmatched expertise of our in-house networking engineers, delivering a robust enterprise-class infrastructure for your business
  • 24×7 Monitoring – Techfonet provides around-the-clock monitoring for your critical business networks, ensuring maximum uptime, real-time alerting, and the utmost in data security
  • Simplified Network Management and Deployment- Techfonet simplifies the infrastructure management process and offers a flexible platform of networking services, allowing you custom tailor a solution that fits the unique needs of your business

Techfonet Managed Network Services Features

  • Comprehensive hardware monitoring, from core to edge
  • Leading technology from Cisco, Fortinet, and more, managed by Techfonet engineers
  • Server performance monitoring and alerting- CPU and memory utilization, disk space, temperature, etc.
  • Event log archiving and monitoring
  • Virus and spyware screening and alerting
  • Intrusion detection and security auditing services

Backup and Recovery

The threats facing IT infrastructure are ever-increasing, including power loss, floods, fires, storms and other unforeseen events. In today’s business environment, any disruption to the systems that companies rely on can have enormous costs and ramifications.

Techfonet delivers proven and tested managed backup and recovery solutions that your business can trust to mitigate risk and safeguard critical resources. Meet even the most challenging Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) with Techfonet’s complete portfolio of business continuity solutions, from disaster recovery consulting and planning to full restoration of mission-critical applications and services.

With Techfonet, your business is backed by our exclusive technology platforms and local on-staff experts who stand ready 24×7 to help you secure your business data and resources. Leverage the experience of the Techfonet team to identify top risks, prioritize recovery objectives, and deploy a comprehensive backup plan for your business.

From SMB to Enterprise scale, Techfonet offers a full suite of virtual and physical Backup and Recovery solutions to meet you needs, paired with unparalleled management and service.

Backup and Recovery Benefits

  • Deliver a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan- Techfonet enables you to leverage a broad portfolio of proven and tested technology platforms to create a customized and comprehensive DR plan that protects your business
  • Protect Critical Systems and Data- Can your business survive downtime or data loss due to a natural disaster or other threat? Techfonet Managed Backup and Recovery solutions safeguard your most valuable IT assets and mitigate risk for your entire organization
  • Meet Demanding RTOs and RPOs- The expertise of the Techfonet team and responsiveness of Techfonet’s technology platforms allow you to prioritize recovery targets and ensure fast and functional recovery

Backup and Recovery Features

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Data Protection Services and Solutions
  • Online Vaulting and Archiving
  • Virtualized and Physical Backup and Recovery Systems
  • Private, Hybrid, and Managed Cloud Platforms
  • Managed Networking

Servers & OS

Save time and reduce risk with Managed Server and OS Solutions from Techfonet. Updating and maintaining servers and operating systems can quickly drain limited IT resources. Keep your staff focused on innovation and delivering new services to the business, instead of manually applying patches or installing updates.

Techfonet provides the expertise and technology to manage server and OS deployments of all sizes, from SMB to Enterprise scale. Techfonet platforms enable the automation and simplification of patching, updating, installation, and monitoring, delivering streamlined infrastructure management that benefits your entire organization.

Take the risk out of server infrastructure maintenance with Techfonet managed release updates and notifications, and gain new levels of security and stability across your mission-critical systems. From end-user workstations to core infrastructure, Techfonet has a flexible suite of solutions to fit the exact needs of your business.

Managed Server and OS Benefits

  • Save Time- Reduce the amount of time your IT team is spending on manually tasks and pivot to a new model of innovation that serves the entire business
  • Reduce Risk- Mitigate risk to end-users and critical business operations with Techfonet’s scheduled and tested patch release management
  • Maximize Availability- Drastically reduce downtime caused by unscheduled updates and untested patching issues

Managed Server and OS Features

  • Unified support for all infrastructure systems- Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, core and edge servers, desktop workstations, mobile devices, and more
  • Vulnerability and Security Scanning
  • Release Management and Scheduling
  • Application-specific Management
  • Emergency Updates to remedy security threats
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting

Our experience, processes, and attention are focused on meeting the specific needs of your organization and providing the highest levels of customer service and support.